Buy ecological safe products

An ecologically safe product is something that is not harmful to the environment, as it has either been made by recycling or it is biodegradable. Finding things like these are not easy however with a little searching on the internet you may be surprised to what you can actually purchase and for how much. Here are some examples....

Radios and torches that are powered either by the sun or by being wound up to last for around 30 minutes, these can be purchased online for around 20- 40 pounds.

Wooden compost bin, to encourage people to have their own, the wood used to make them will be from a renewable source.

Clothes that are made entirely of cotton, so there’s no need to make clothes based on plastics such as cheap fleeces.

Calendars that are made from entirely recycled newspapers

Paper weights created from recycled glass

Household cleaners that do not contain chemicals that are abrasive, toxic, and that are kind to skin and safe for children and biodegradable too.

Candles that are grown from soy, they have beautiful scents and do not leave a sooty residues either.


These few products, bought in mass over time could make could make an impact on global warming, therefore the world. So lets see what tomorrow brings