The effect of factories on climate change

Have you noticed on hot summer days that the sky has an odd look to it? Pollution causes this poor air quality and it can be bad for your health. The problem is haze and smog, the word smog comes from two words, smoke and fog.

Smog is caused largely from a number of pollution sources, the main one being factories, others for example are power plants, cars and wild fires.


Particle Pollution

Particle pollution is one type of air pollution that affects air quality. The pollution is caused by tiny particles being thrown into the air by emission (carbon dioxide and sulpher dioxide) from factories. This air pollution can not only hurt people but can also affect trees and animals. When this happens it is commonly known as ozone, this occurs when pollution from factories mix's with existing sunlight.

By saving the worlds resources, especially energy, we are at a less greater risk of suffering from pollution caused by factories. The factories causing the air pollution are burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), it is the burning of these that is causing the pollution to affect us, wildlife and trees. If we used more efficient sources such as solar and wind power these fossil fuels wouldnt need to be burnt which would obviously means no or little air pollution.