Flooding is the cause of most devastation and loss of life. It is often because of rainfalls, these rainfalls make a river swell, and it can be combined with melting of snow or storm surges from the sea. These weather conditions are increasing due to global warming.


Flooding in Bangladesh


Bangladesh suffers from floods; people are washed away along with homes, animals and crops.  Bangladesh experiences the world’s worst flooding.

The reason behind this is because Bangladesh is a low lying country with large rivers and drains that go into the sea. The heavy rain and high winds whip up the sea and send tidal waves over the land.










Flooding in North Yorkshire

Flooding in North Yorkshire is mainly due to heavy rainfall which is brought on by the effect of global warming, global warming been when the air becomes humid and the atmosphere becomes too full of green houses gases. One example for North Yorkshire was 20th June 2005 when villages were cut off, roads were washed away and nine people were reported missing during a night of heavy storms around the area of Thirsk. This shows the extent of the rain which falls in very little time.

When there is fast flooding like this it has normally followed from weeks of high temperatures, the atmosphere gets so humid, a heavy rainfall allows the air to become fresh.