Citizenship, Climate Change and Europe

Welcome to the joint web-site of Norton College, Norton, North Yorkshire and Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych, Brzozów.

This project is part of the British Council's Pupil Power Plus Competition, which we won in 2006, with the aim of linking British and Polish schools.

The web-site has been designed by the pupils who took part in the compeition, which included foreign exchange visits to both countries. Both schools really enjoyed the exchange trips, noticing a number of differences between the countries. The key theme of the web-site is Citizenship and Climate Change, including the reasons for climate change, the negative effects of climate change and being environmentally friendly.

Our Schools:

Norton College is a secondary school near Malton, North Yorkshire in Britain, close to the historic city of York. It is for pupils aged 11 to 16 years old, and is a specialist technology college. The Pupil Power Plus Compeition was undertaken as part of GCSE Citizenship Studies. See our school's web-site at

Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych is a secondary school in Brzozów, Podkarpacie. It is for students aged 16 - 19, and consists of two types of schools: a grammar school and a vocational school, in which students are prepared to work in the following branches of business : economy, trade and gastronomy. See our school's website:


We hope that you enjoy looking at our web-site!