International organisations that help with climate changes

There are quite a few organisations which help with climate change issues.

United Nations high commission for refugees (UNHCR) and World heath organisations (WHO) help. They supply clean water and food when a natural disaster, e.g. floods or drought occurs because of global warming.

Greenpeace is the most famous international organisation, it helps with climate change by trying to encourage people to use solar power rather than electricity, and it also runs campaigns, and uses statements on it’s website like:

Climate change kills 160,000 people every year. Within 50 years, one-third of all species could face extinction. We're the last generation that can stop it from reaching a catastrophic tipping point.

There is also an organisation called: “Campaign against climate change” they also Raise awareness on climate change and gives tips on how to prevent it.

Also there is WWF  which focuses on animals and how they climate change will effect them. They run petitions as well as give out information and raise awareness     on climate change.