Melting icebergs

What are icebergs?

Icebergs are mountains of ice. They are formed by a large piece of ice that has broken off a snow glacier or ice shelf that is floating in open water.

Typically 90% of the icebergs volume lies under the sea,because of this it can be diificult to work out the shape of it from what is above the water, this being the reason for the phrase 'the tip of the iceberg'.

Icebergs can range between1-75 metres above sea level, however this may not be for much longer,because of global warming, the earth's temperature is rising, resulting in icebergs melting.


As the icebrgs are melting;the sea level is rising, and the melting of them is likely to, in the near future cause dillution in the ocean. Also, there is the chance that the melting ice will cause feedback because of the fact that the ice and snow will reflect more sunlight than bare ground or water, and of course, less ice means more water, hence an increase in global warming..