The Bieszczady Mountains


 are the wildest part of Poland. At 1,080 meters above sea level there are unique extensive meadows called "poloniny" that define the Mountains beauty. In 1973 they were declared the Bieszczady National Park, the first International World Biosphere Reserve "Eastern Carpathian Mountains", and in 1998 obtained a Pan-parks network certificate.

The Bieszczady Mountains are home to wolves, brown bears, lynx, wild cats, red deer and wisent and the very rare Aesculapian snake. The Visitor can enjoy a narrow - gauge train ride from Majdan to Wola Michowa and from Majdan to Przyslup. In Sanok the biggest open air Museum is found (an ethnographic exposition of Polish - Ukrainian borderland). Between May and October a unique raft on the San River attracts the attention of tourists. Water sports enthusiasts can find excellent conditions on the Solina Lake. The exceptional microclimate and curative waters make Polanczyk Zdrój a renowned health spa.


English: Take a look at the map of Europe, focus your eyes on Poland and head south to one of the most beautiful corners of Poland - Podkarpacie Region. Rzeszów, the capital of the region used to be a mixture of cultures and nations. Nowadays visitors may take advantage of the wide accommodation and catering base in the city. They may spend their time pleasantly in numerous pubs, restaurants, coffee bars and discos. The most attractive parts of the region are mountainous forest areas forming the Bieszczady National Park. Among the most precious sights worth mentioning are the Renaissance castle complexes in Baranów Sandomierski and Krasiczyn, and the Baroque palace in Lancut. Quite characteristic for the region are Orthodox churches and synagogues while the Historical Museum of Sanok boasts the greatest icon collection. Wooden architecture, temples and castles show the historical side of the region. The tourist life concentrates mainly in the areas of the lakes Solina and Myczkowskie where numerous holiday resorts are located offering water sports facilities.


Brzozów County (Polish powiat brzozowski ) is a unit of territorial administration and local government in the Subcarpathian Voivodship in Poland, created on 1st January 1999  as a result of the Local Government Reorganization Act of 1998.


Brzozów is a town in south-eastern Poland, with 8,000 inhabitants (2000)

Situated in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship (since 1999). It is the capital of the Powiat of Brzozow