“League of Nature Conservation”

( Liga Ochrony Przyrody) and it’s main goals:

Creating human sensitivity for wealth and beauty of the nature.

  1. Achieving ecological protection for modern and future generations

  2. Protecting the environment especially by:

-         holding ecological processes and stability of eco-systems 

-         keeping biological variety

-         keeping geological and paleontological heritage

-         protecting “green places” in cities and on countrysides, mostly protecting trees and bushes

-         protecting  landscapes and other elements of the environment

  1. Creating the public’s opinion in a spirit of nature conservation.


League of Nature Conservation

Head Office
37/2 Tamka Street
00-355 Warsaw


secretariat: +48022 828 81 71

accountancy: +48022 828 65 82

fax: +48022 828 65 80
e-mail: zg@lop.org.pl


League of Nature Conservation

Publishing House

37/2 Tamka Street

00-355 Warsaw


telephone: +48022 828 65 81

e-mail: przyrodapolska@home.pl


“A guard of nature conservation” association

( Stowarzyszenie Straż Ochrony Przyrody)


Created in 1957 “A guard of nature conservation”, was formed in order to protect nature  and create a natural environment. From 2001 it has a new legal character, because it was changed into an association – “A guard of nature conservation” and acts on the basis of rules of legislation from the

7th April 1989.

Main goals of the Association:

-         Creating a good relationship between man and nature.

-          Waking people’s preciousness and wide spreading the point of nature conservation.

-         Making endeavours to achieve the beauty of original landscapes

-         To prevent  damage to nature, especially those elements of nature which are  protected or deserve protection, including antique “green lands” (parks, gardens, cemeteries)

-         co-operation with pro-ecological organisations


Association realises it’s goals through:

- conducting info-propaganda actions through organising journeys or educational classes with children and youngsters and rewarding them for extra achievements in the field of nature conservation.

- undertaking certain tasks to minimize the destruction of natural environments.

- popularising a humanitarian attitude towards nature among tourists.

- Co-operation with administrative organs and other organisations from the field of nature conservation.

The Association’s address:

3 / 15 Kamionka Street
86-200 Chełmno



The main Inspectorate of Nature Conservation

( Główny inspektorat Ochrony Środowiska)


The main inspectorate of nature conservation is an organ of governmental administration. The main inspector of nature conservation does of inspection tasks. The basic task of Inspectorate of Nature Conservation is to control law obedience in the field of nature conservation, monitoring the state of the environment, preventing the occurrence of unusual situations threatening the environment.

They are all accomplished through:

-         Control of legal rules which are issued from the field of nature conservation.

-         Participating in decision making procedures regarding the localization of investments.

-         Controlling the exploitation of mechanisms responsible for protection of the environment against pollution.

The main Inspectorate of Nature Conservation introduces every year to the Head of the Country a report about it’s activities from the past year.


The Main Inspectorate of Nature Conservation

52/54 Wawelska Street
00-922 Warsaw


e-mail: gios@gios.gov.pl



The Institute of Nature Conservation (INC) in Kraków, Poland, is an interdisciplinary institution within the Division of Biological Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Main research fields are conservation biology and geological and geomorphologic conservation, with special focus on creation of scientific foundations for nature and environment conservation. In the period 2002-2005, two major research themes have been carried out: “Perspectives for conservation of nature heritage within a sustainable development” and "Conservation of biodiversity and geo-diversity in Poland”. Particular activities within these major themes are conducted on species, population, and ecosystem levels. Teams of geologists and geographers conducts original research on the protection of geological structures and geo-systems in southern Poland, with part of this research incorporated into international cooperation, e.g. IUGS/GEOSITES. The Institute also plays a leading role in elaborating the NATURA 2000 program for Poland under the accession process to EU and participates in the international regional program "Carpathian Biodiversity". Additionally, INC supports the Polish authorities when creating laws on nature and environment conservation, forestry practices, and wildlife and fish management. The INC publishes specialised scientific journals and a popularised scientific journal, and scientific books and monographs.


Institute of Nature Conservation
A. Mickiewicza 33

31-120 Cracow, al.

Director of institute: prof. dr hab. Henryk Okarma
assistant: prof. dr hab.
Zbigniew Głowaciński

Telephone number: (012) 632 05 49, 634 48 65
secretariat: (012) 632 22 21
fax: (012) 632 24 32


Silesia Region

 75 Podwale Street

 50-449 Wrocław,
telefon: (071) 343 47 49  (319)


Tatry Region
7 Antałówka Street
34-500 Zakopane,

 Telephone: (018) 201 26 51


The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management ( Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska I Gospodarki Wodnej)

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management was established on the basis of an amended Act concerning the shaping and protection of nature created on April 27 1989. It began operating on July 1st that same year. 

The National Fund’s objectives are defined by the following acts:

The Protection and Shaping of the Environment Act

The Water Act 

The Geological and Mining Act

The main objective of the National Fund is funding projects which serve the protection of the environment, especially in those regions where changes are necessary to come up to The European Union’s standards.

 These projects have been described in the "National Environmental Policy" adopted by the Polish Parliament in 1991 and specified in the "Implementation Programme for the National Environmental Policy by the year 2000". Their implementation is supervised by the Minister of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry.

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

3a Konstruktorska Street

02-673 Warsaw,

Telephone number:
(022) 459 -00-00
(022) 459 -00 01

Fax:  (022) 459 01 01