Tomorrow’s World


People believe that in the future people and creatures will be living like this:

- Natural habitats and wildlife will be protected.

- All children of the world will be protected from poverty.

- The power we use will be all from green energy e.g. wind turbines

- The amount of traffic will be cut because more people will use public transport and bikes etc.

- There will be an increase in the amount of waste recycled.

This will not be able to happen if people don’t start thinking about the future of there world. There are ways in which it can happen and you can help:

 - Use less paper and always try to buy recycled paper products.

- Refuse to take unnecessary packaging when you but things e.g. envelopes.

- Take showers instead of baths. Use tour washing up water for plants!

- Walk, cycle or use public transport if possible.


The little things you and your family do can help change the world in the long run.

The Facts


Did you know?


- Every eight drink cans that are recycled may save a litre of fuels.


Four wine bottles may save a litre of fuel oil.