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What Is Bulk Density Of Opc Grade Cement From Ultratech

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Weight of Cement required for 1 cubic meter of M20 Grade concrete. Weight of cement required can be calculated from multiplying the volume of cement with the bulk density of cement. The bulk density of frequently used cement varieties (both PPC and OPC) is 1440 kg/cu.m.Ordinary Portland Cement - an overview | ScienceDirect,Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC grade 53) manufactured by the Ultratech cement company from Gujarat, having a specific gravity of 3.15 g/cm 3, was used. Locally available 20 and 10-mm sized aggregates from around the Rajkot city area were used as coarse aggregates. Sand from the banks of Aaji River near Rajkot was used as fine aggregate.Project report on Employee Satisfaction,Jul 21, 2014· 33 Types of cement Brand name Ordinary Portland cement 43 grade Ultratech Ordinary Portland cement 53 grade Birla super Premium composite cement Birla Plus IRST-40 Cement Rajashree IRST-40 Packing Design: 1 High-density polyethylene (HDP) 2