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Asphalt Concrete Driveway Cost Comparison

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Compare Asphalt vs Concrete Driveway Costs

A basic asphalt driveway costs about $2 to $6 per square foot, including installation That provides you with a base and a top coat The price goes up from there if you add features like a chip seal top coat, which extends the life of the driveway, or a decorative top coat that is stamped or coloredPros and Cons: Asphalt vs Concrete Driveway | Angie's List,A stamped asphalt pattern, such as in the shape of bricks or stones, costs $3 to $9 per square foot, or $1,080 to $3,240 for a standard-size driveway By comparison, the cost for a plain concrete driveway runs $3 to $10 per square foot, according to Costhelper, or $1,080 to $3,600 for a standard-size, two-car drivewayAsphalt vs Concrete Driveway - Fixr,The average asphalt driveway will cost from $2 to $6 per square foot For example, laying a 600-square-foot driveway will cost approximately $283 in materials Labor will add about $947 for a total of $1,230, an overall cost of $205 per square foot

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Asphalt A 600 square-foot driveway will cost about $1,000 in labor, for a total asphalt driveway installation cost of about $2 per square footAsphalt vs Concrete Driveway: Cost and Maintenance ,Asphalt vs Concrete Driveways,

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The cost for most concrete driveway paving applications ranges around $750/sq ft Concrete driveways will only last for 10-20 years and are extremely likely to2019 Driveway Installation Costs | Concrete, Asphalt ,Concrete Driveway Cost In terms of materials, concrete driveways cost around $3,900, or about $6 per square foot for a standard 38 by 16-foot driveway The cost of concrete driveway pavers will increase for a driveway that is stamped and colored, assuming you want to customize the looks moreDriveway Ideas, Pictures & Costs - Pavers, Concrete ,Paver Driveway Cost; Concrete Driveways: Along with asphalt (see below), concrete is one of the most popular materials for new driveway designs Durable and affordable concrete is a great option is correctly installed and sealed by reputable concrete driveway contractors And there are more concrete driveway design options than you may think

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Comparison table of stamped concrete benefits and advantages versus other paving materials such as asphalt, natural stone, and precast pavers It takes about five days to install a 2,000-square-foot stamped concrete driveway vs 10 to 12 days to install natural stone or pavers* More elaborate stamped concrete installations will cost Driveway Paving: Comparing Asphalt vs Brick vs Concrete,Approximately 5-10% of Southern California homeowners choose asphalt when installing a new driveway The cost is typically around $4/sq ft Even with the best installation, asphalt will only last about 10 years, chipping, fading, and cracking along the way3 Driveway Pros & Cons: Gravel vs Asphalt Paving,Economical option Homeowners appreciate the sleek appearance of an asphalt-paved driveway at a lower cost than concrete or paver surfaces Flexible in extreme climate conditions Asphalt driveways typically cost $2 - $5 per sq foot to install - more than gravel, but much less than many other options

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An asphalt driveway will require more regular maintenance than a concrete driveway Asphalt requires re-sealing every three years or so Low-end sealants cost around $5 for a five-gallon bucket and cover around 400 square feet of asphaltAsphalt VS Concrete Driveway: Which is Better?,Asphalt surface has limited options while concrete driveways have unlimited options when it comes to design, color, and finishes Cost It is important that you compare the costsCONCRETE DRIVEWAY COST - Everything About Concrete,For me it's hard to compare the cost of a concrete driveway vs an asphalt driveway I know they are both driveways and in most cases the concrete driveway cost is more than the asphalt cost, but concrete is such a different material and offers so many more advantages over asphalt like: 1

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Maintenance costs for blacktop can be higher than a concrete driveway due to it requiring a sealant be applied more often Concrete has many factors that can increase it’s cost The different custom colours, patterns & textures can all increase the cost of a concrete driveway over a plain concrete surfaceAsphalt Driveway: Asphalt Options, Installation, Repair ,Asphalt Driveway 101: The Definitive Buyers Guide to Asphalt Driveways In this driveways guide we will look at your options (more than you might realize), compare asphalt with concrete and look at the cost of installation, Asphalt Driveway CostCost of New Driveway – Driveway Cost & Prices 2019,Below you will find relatively accurate estimation on driveway cost for Gravel, Asphalt, Concrete and Brick driveways Gravel driveways cost The average cost of a 50m2 gravel driveway ranges from £ 1,000 – £ 1,500 (overlay)

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An average asphalt driveway includes the costs of excavation, preparation and the asphalt itself whereas concrete requires site work, sub-base, reinforcing mesh, ready-mixed concrete to be delivered and the type of finish you choose2019 Install An Asphalt Concrete Driveway Costs | Average ,Install an Asphalt Concrete Driveway Costs For your project in zip code 98104 with these options, the cost to install an asphalt concrete driveway starts at $735-$888 per square foot Your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you chooseAsphalt vs Concrete Driveways MN - Richfield Concrete,Asphalt Driveways for Minnesota Homes They are the traditional choice for many, and have characteristics that make them the logical choice in many situations: Low Cost – Since asphalt driveways can be 40-60% less expensive than concrete driveways, they’re a popular choice among homeowners who consider initial cost to be a primary factor

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Concrete costs a lot more than asphalt As a rough rule of thumb, a concrete driveway costs around 45 to 50 percent more than an asphalt driveway According to price site CostHelper, Asphalt or Concrete, Which Driveway Is the Better Choice ,The initial installation cost of an asphalt driveway is usually less expensive than the installation of a concrete driveway but will fluctuate depending upon the current cost of oil While a concrete driveway can cost more to install, keep in mind that there are maintenance costs required for an asphalt driveway that are not needed with a concrete drivewayHow Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost in 2019? - Inch ,The cost of the project may even determine the size of driveway you choose A standard concrete driveway typically costs $4,000 to $8,500 while a colored or stamped drive can cost significantly more Several factors influence how much new concrete work will cost

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Maintenance An asphalt driveway will require more regular maintenance than a concrete driveway Asphalt requires re-sealing every three years or so Low-end sealants cost around $5 for a five-gallon bucket and cover around 400 square feet of asphalt High-endConcrete Vs Asphalt Driveways: Which One Should You Go With?,While resurfacing of asphalt can be done at a meager cost, in case of concrete such work costs more Though a concrete driveway performs well without sealers, application of a sealer at regular intervals is good for enhancing the lifespan of the materialHow Much Does an Asphalt Driveway Cost in 2019? - Inch ,At $85 per ton for hot-mix asphalt, the asphalt will cost 30 times $85, or $2,550 Once labor costs, equipment costs, and grading and fill dirt costs are considered, it is safe to say that you should set aside at least $5,500 for this new driveway Compare asphalt to gravel driveway or concrete driveway costs

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Asphalt driveways cost an average of $3 to $4 per square foot, while concrete drives up costs to around $3,500 (or up to $10 per square foot) per install Concrete driveway costs vary even more depending on whether you want to add color to your driveway or upgrade to stamped concrete for more curb appealHow do concrete and asphalt driveways compare? - Quora,In earlier days, concrete driveways were preferred But these days, asphalt driveways are preferred more There are many factors that show the difference between asphalt and concrete driveways 1) Cost Money plays the most crucial role in our every dayPaver Driveway vs Asphalt Driveway: Who Wins? - Greener ,Paver Driveway vs Asphalt Driveway: Who Wins? Asphalt is known for its affordability, only beaten out by an unimproved or gravel driveway in terms of cost Pavers, on the other hand, are much more manpower and resource intensive, as individual pavers cost more than the equivalent layer of asphalt, and must be hand placed something that

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In comparison, a concrete driveway can cost up around $7000 The cost of this project can be calculated per square foot The average cost per square foot is between $3 to $5Comparing Stamped Concrete Driveways to Other Driveway ,Comparison Chart: Stamped Concrete Driveways versus Other Paved Driveways Stamped concrete is a popular finish for driveways that stands alone in terms of design and pattern versatility, longevity and performance, ability to be customized, and costHow Much Does a Concrete Driveway Cost in 2019? - Inch ,By inputting your specific measurements or even just drawing the driveway on the map, you can find an estimate of the cost of a concrete driveway Compare costs to those of a gravel driveway or an asphalt driveway A typical asphalt driveway can cost $4,000 to $8,000 and up, but most spend about $4,500 on the project

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The cost of paving a new driveway is largely dependent on size, materials and labor and can fall anywhere between fifty cents a square foot and fifty dollars a square foot When choosing driveway paving materials it is important to compare upfront prices to long-term costsThe Differences between Asphalt Driveways and Concrete ,Asphalt driveways can be a beautiful and cost effective solution for a driveway Asphalt driveways provide a sharp, clean, sleek look which is inviting to visitors On average asphalt driveways are cheaper than concrete and more durableComparing the Costs of Interlocking Pavers, Asphalt and ,Asphalt and Concrete Driveway Costs Installation for both an asphalt and concrete driveway is specialized work that should be handled by a professional The average 600-square-foot asphalt driveway will cost $283 in materials and $947 in labour for a

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Driveway Guides Concrete: Average concrete installation costs vary from $4-$10 per square foot However, choosing stained or stamped concrete will easily double that figure Pavers: Installation costs for brick driveway pavers start at $15 per square foot Requesting fancy patterns or pricier materials will drive the cost up even more2019 Asphalt Driveway Cost Guide (Install, Resurface, Replace),The average cost is $5,500 for a 20’ x 24’ concrete driveway Brick Driveway Cost Brick driveways cost about $9,200 , but they need extra maintenance and have to be installed by hand,