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Investigating Ways of Improving Recovery of Slow Floating

Investigating Ways of Improving Recovery of Slow Floating PGM Minerals at Zimplats Munyaradzi Mugadza (689462) The work presented in this study involves investigation of ways of improving recovery of slow floating minerals in a single stage (MF1) Platinum Group Metal milling and flotation Figure 412: (a) Grade-Time and (b) Recovery LABORATORY FLOTATION RATE TEST PROCEDURE FOR PGM,,CHARACTERISTICS OF PGM, SULPHIDE AND OXIDE ORES Once reagents are added to a PGM and sulphide ore the ore responds to the flotation process for the duration of the test to produce recovery/grade/mass/time relationships Staged addition of reagents can be tested as an option as opposed to being a necessityThe PGM flotation predictor: Predicting PGM ore flotation ,► Potential PGM recovery can be predicted from automated SEM results ► A method to produce a recovery profile from mineralogical data has been developed ► PGM flotation prediction via mineralogy compares well to flotation rate test data ► The flotation predictor output can be used for plant monitoring and troubleshooting

pH Control in Flotation of PGM Platinum Group Metal Ores

pH Control in Flotation of PGM Platinum Group Metal Ores (8 replies and 1 comment) Pentlandite, which is very much like pyrhotite, would be expected to behave similarly Chalcopyrite is a hard one to stop from floating at the best of timesso a low pH would not be a barrier for successful recoveryFLOTATION of GOLD - Metallurgist & Mineral Processing,of difRcult-to-treat (refractory) gold ores Flotation is also the best method for recovery of gold from base metal oresandgold-containingplatinumgroupmeta-ls (PGM) ores Excluding gravity preconcentration, Sotationremainsthemost cost-effective beneRciation method Gold itself isLeaching and recovery of platinum group metals from UG-2 ,Recovery of PGM from the leach liquor by precipitation with sulphide was considered to be unsuitable because of the high acidity of the solution Ion exchange seemed an attractive alternative The selectivity of resin for PGM would determine whether base metals should be removed prior to the HCl…

Influence of Residence Time and Fine Grinding on PGMS

A PGM mass balance analysis was performed to determine the mass flow rate, mass pull and total recovery which indicated the SCT reduction after milling and floatation The Deswik milling increased the cumulative recovery and mass pulls from 57 to 82% and 165 to 576% respectivelyEffect of pH on the Recovery and Grade of Base Metal ,UG2 ore has a lot of chrome content with similar chemical properties to those of the PGMs and base metals During flotation the amount of chrome recovered with PGMs need to be minimized to avoid smelter feed containing high chrome content The relationship between chrome grade and recovery isTrithiocarbonates for PGM flotation - SAIMM,TRITHIOCARBONATES FOR PGM FLOTATION 169 Introduction An increase in the beneficiation of UG2 ore is central to Impala Platinum’s strategic plan for increasing its platinum production in 2006/07 Beneficiation of this chromite rich ore, however, poses certain problems and challenges High recovery of valuable minerals from UG2 is accompanied by

Technical note: Flotation as a method for concentration of

Flotation study for PGM recovery from an oxidic EAF slag with 40 ppm PGMs Highest enrichment factor of 107 for Pt by single step flotation • Pt content of the concentrate ~ 1500 ppm at a recoveryTrithiocarbonates for PGM flotation - SAIMM,12-TTC) for dithiocarbonate (DTC)/dithiophosphate (DTP) in a reagent suite for the flotation of platinum group metals (PGM) have significantly improved the rejection of gangue Coupled to this is an improvement in kinetics, grade and recovery of PGMs 12-TTC, large opaque bubbles were replaced by small clear onesA case study of optimising UG2 flotation performance Part ,Accurate prediction of PGM recovery and grade and % Cr2O3 in concentrate at plant scale is a key element of the bankable study In most cases concentrate is toll smelted but penalties are severe depending on chromite content and can be equivalent to 1% PGM recovery

Flotation Process Optimisation through Frequent In-line

flotation of the applicable ore type the PGMs are associated with (Pyrite, Chalcopyrite or Pentlandite) Flotation Performance The PGM grade and % Cr2O3 in flotation concentrates can be controlled by adjusting parameters such as air rate, pulp levels or reagent additions Recovery can also beFINE CHROME BENEFICIATION AND REVERSE PGM,A pilot-scale Longi-Multotec LGS 500 vertical ring WHIMS unit was successfully used to upgrade chromite by 6–14 % with a recovery of 44– 62 % at 04 T, and by 4–6 % with a recovery of 5572% at 13 T– A horizontal ring WHIMS of comparable size was not available for testingThe interactive effects of chemical and process parameters ,The interactive effects of chemical and process parameters of froth height on PGM recovery is not well studied Alvarez-Silva et al (2014) showed that differences in froth height had little effect The interactive effects of chemical and process parameters on the flotation performance

DOI: 101595/147106704X1667 Treatment of Platinum

A flowsheet has been developed for the production of rich concentrates of precious and non- ferrous metals by a complex treatment of the flotation products from South African platinum- containing chrome ores The procedure involves: autoclave leaching, roasting, hydrochlorination and precious metal recovery by sorptionWater Quality in PGM Ore Flotation: The effect of Ionic ,ter usage, PGM bearing ore flotation circuits make use of recycled process water Howev - er, the chemistry of recycled process water may alter the performance of the flotation sys-tem It is therefore required to understand the effects of these elements on the flotation processheap leaching gold processing che ls efficient,heap leaching gold processing che ls efficient heap beneficiation offer captainlee Mineral Processing Services Our gold recovery equipment is used in mining operations around the world Trusted industry This paper discusses a process to extract PGM's from low grade ore and concentrate using a sequential stage heap leach process

The PGM flotation predictor: Predicting PGM ore flotation

recovery, the reasons for recovery or losses, particle size distribu-Fig 2 Flotation predictor flow diagram C Bushell/Minerals Engineering xxx (2012) xxx–xxx 3 Please cite this article in press as: Bushell, C The PGM flotation predictor: Predicting PGM ore flotation performance using results from automated min-eralogy systems Miner EngTechnical Papers | Eriez Flotation Division,StackCell® Flotation The StackCell® uses a 2-stage system for particle collection and froth recovery Collection is optimized in a high shear single-pass mixing canister and froth recovery is optimized in a quiescent flotation chamber Wash water can be usedOVERVIEW OF PGM PROCESSING - angloamericanplatinum,Flotation Drying and smelting in electrical furnace Air/O 2 Base Metal Refiningblown Converters Sulphur Removal •Nickel •Copper •Cobalt Sulphate • High PGM recovery • Sulphur fixation • PGM refining capability, or • PGM slimes refining capability at acceptable recovery r s 10

Treatment of Platinum Flotation Products | Johnson Matthey

Effect of sinter grinding on platinum group metals recoveries into solution (220 g l −1 HCl, L : S ratio = 2, chlorination time = 2 hours) Particle size analysis of the final chlorination cakes showed that the size distribution of the platinum metals is in proportion to the size yieldsPlatinum-Palladium ores - Danafloat - Home,Maximizing PGM recovery requires flotation of all sulphide mineralization which is often done at natural pH of 8-9 to avoid depressing the PGM containing iron sulphides Often copper sulphate is added to ensure high activation of all sulphide mineralsFLOTATION TEST PROCEDURE (developed by Mike Bryson,FLOTATION TEST PROCEDURE (developed by Mike Bryson of Mintek) AND EXPLANATION TO Flotation kinetics are derived from Kelsall’s unmodified equation and comprise fast and The end product of 639% PGM recovery at 109g/t is approximately


AN INVESTIGATION OF FROTH EFFECTS IN SCAVENGING FLOTATION OF PLATINUM FROM UG-2 ORE South Africa is the largest supplier of platinum group metals (PGMs), which are mined from three reefs showed promising results with a 775% PGM recovery and 410% chromite content TracerInvestigation of the Effect of Different Frother Blends on ,This study investigates through the use of batch flotation tests how blending low molecular weight alcohols with commercially available high molecular weight frothers impacts the solids and water recovery, as well as the valuable mineral recovery and concentrate grade, in different PGM oresDirect leach approaches to Platinum Group Metal (PGM) ores ,Platinum Group Metals (PGMs), often with associated gold, have very few occurrences where they are present in an ore deposit at economically extractable levels

Trithiocarbonates for PGM flotation - researchgatenet

flotation of platinum group metals (PGM) have significantly improved the rejection of gangue Coupled to this is an improvement in kinetics, grade and recovery of PGMs In a pilot-plant trial, after aEFFECTS OF RE-ROUTING OF CONCENTRATE STREAMS IN,maximum recovery obtainable for the LG6 ore in batch flotation was thus 69% The grade-recovery curve shows that as recovery increases, the grade decreased as obtained in ore processing At recoveries of 29, 54, 65, and 69%, the grades decreased from 54 to 45, 35 and 20, respectively [4] Fig 2 Rougher rate kinetics Fig 3 Rougher PGM grade vs recoveryThe Effective Technological Processes for PGM Recovery ,of reagents for additional recovery of PGM fines Keywords: Dunites, PGM mineralization, Mineralogical and Technological Research, Technological Processes, Gravity Separation, Flotation INTRODUCTION Since the 19th century, Russia has been a leading producer of platinum group metals (PGM…

Recovery of Platinum-group Metals from Stillwater Complex

Recovery of Platinum-group Metals from Stillwater Complex, Montana, Flotation Concentrates by Matte Smelting and Leaching In two-stage matte leaching, first-stage h2so4 leaching extracted 99 pct of thePGM Ore Processing at Impala's UG-2 Concentrator,limiting PGM recovery due to its inherent tendency not to recover more finely disseminated, silicate-association PGM Consequently, in 1994 it was decided to improve PGM recoveries by installing regrind milling and “secondary rougher/cleaner flotation, on the existing plant tails (MF2 type circuit - Figure 4)Stirred milling—new comminution J technology in the PGM ,Stirred milling—new comminution technology in the PGM industry 20-litre IsaMillTM coupled with a ‘fctr’ flotation test unit to assess performance change with regrind stirred milling using initially silica sand but later using ceramic grinding beads


Compressed flotation air and small quantities of frother are added to the fluidization water The hydrophobic ore particles are carried by the air bubbles through the fluidized bed and into the freeboard The freeboard is a quiescent laminar zone where detachmentFroth Flotation of a Particular ore - ETD Repository Home,SIBX with a dithiophosphate and a dithiocarbamate on the froth flotation of a platinum bearing (PGM) ores A range of performance benefits for the use of mixtures over pure collectors have With the use of all DTP mixtures, an overall increase in metal recovery and flotation rate of 4 – 11% and 15 – 40% respectively over that of pure A practical approach to plant-scale flotation optimization,sacrifice of platinum group mineral (PGM) recovery With this aim in mind, a metallurgical team was assembled to develop a methodology for plant-scale flotation optimization The focus areas for flotation optimization were: Air rate Froth depth Frother Depressant Collector Circuit configuration The current paper presents the work done

Technological Solution to Improvement in PGM Recovery

The paper discusses the improvements achieved after an external sparger flotation column, 142 m diameter by 95 m high, was installed as a re-recleaner unit at the Northam Platinum Ltd’s UG 2 plant in South Africa Technological Solution to Improvement in PGM Recovery, Upgrade Ratio and Cr2O3 Reduction of UG 2 Ore Conference ProceedingsWellgreen Platinum Reports Updated and Increased ,Testing included bulk flotation processes, sequential flotation and bulk separation to produce individual high quality nickel and copper concentrates, which will be assessed further in the future Additional secondary recovery processes have also been identified which could increase extraction of the unrecovered PGM material,