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CSR in Mining: 2 Issues Affecting Mining Companies Today

BACK TO MAIN BLOG Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is rapidly becoming a significant issue for all businesses, not merely those in the traditionally green or sustainable industries Companies are finding it beneficial, and in some instances, necessary, toCorporate social responsibility in the mining industry ,“Corporate social responsibility” (CSR) and “sustainability” are two of many terms used to describe the social and environmental contributions and consequences of business activity The notion of sustainable development lies in progress within three dimensions: economic development, environmental protection and social cohesionTop 10 Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in mining,Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often used to describe the social and environmental contributions and consequences of corporative activities and action It entails three key dimensions--economic development, environmental protection and social cohesion • Related content: Top 10 Associations raising awareness for the mining industry To truly be a successful mining company,

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Today, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a big buzzword in this sector CSR is of great importance in mining as it contributes in a meaningful way to sustainable development and adds value to stakeholders Along with that it helps companies in securing their ‘social license to operate’ inMining Companies with Strong CSR Programs Benefit All ,Well-executed CSR Programs for mining companies are key to lower financial risk and higher returns on investment Both consumers and investors are increasingly pushing for more ethical and CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN MINING INDUSTRY,This paper focuses on the comparison of corporate social responsibility in mining industry It compares specifi c territorial areas of two diff erent countries – one of them country that could

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strategies of CSR by mining companies in Thailand It argues that the CSR‟s value creation process in Thailand is complex and culturally bound To understand motivation and types of CSR activities in the mining industry, the researchers used secondary data sources from two mining MNCsCorporate Social Responsibility Activities of Mining ,CSR and the Community Corporate social responsibility is also about the integration of companies in their local setting, whether this be in Europe or world-wide Companies contribute to their communities, especially to local communities, by provid- ing jobs, wages and benefits, and tax revenuesCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In Mining,The undertake Corporate Social Responsibility projects in order to improve the livelihood of the people in their host communities To the Chamber of Mines, CSR is not seen as an option but a necessity that enables the mining companies to use part of their earnings to


CSR IN MINING There was an uncompromising approach to mining in these areas, meaning that local communities, while they did view mining activities as an economic engine and even as a way of life, also saw them as a threat to the natural surroundings, with environmental effects on the air, water and soilsCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In Mining,To these mining companies, sustainability is significant when it comes to CSR initiatives That is why most of their projects are in the long term Chirano Gold Mine recently launched a US$ 55 million four year malaria control programme to help bring down the disease in its operational areaCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF MINING COMPANIES,CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF MINING COMPANIES IN ARGENTINA Communities often see CSR as a "green wash" on the part of multinational mining companies Visser's critiques that Western conceptions and models of CSR are not entirely adequate for describing CSR in the developing countries This paper applies Carroll's (1991) model of a CSR Pyramid,

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The differences of the emergent CSR models in these two countries are analyzed, as well as the underlying factors for the differences or similarities It is concluded that despite the shared Soviet legacy, the CSR policies of the mining companies have clearly been diverging in Kyrgyzstan and TajikistanCorporate Social Responsibility in the Congolese mining ,2 Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility in the Congolese mining companies Richard Ntaka on 17 February 2019 at 9:02 pm Dear Kizito I am proud of your research on CSR in DRC and wonder if we could together explore the possibility of hosting in Kinshasa anThe Role of CSR in Development: A Case Study Involving,6 Companies engaged in CSR often refer to their commitment to sustainable development For example, Newmont Mining has stated that “The new mining implies social responsibilities This means a commitment to the environmental protection and stimulation of sustainable development, where we operate” (Yanacocha, 2004)

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Enterprises with large social and environmental footprints such as mining have been particularly subject to demands for high CSR standards Mining companies now accept that neighbouring communities need to have basic services like wa- ter, health care, electricity and sanitationCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN ThE mININg,CSR is not new to the mining sector The many towns that have developed around mining in Zimbabwe, for instance, Shurugwi, Zvisha- vane, Hwange, Kadoma, Bindura and Bula- wayo, among others, is testimony to what is achievable if mines are encouraged and incentivized to do more CSR10 best examples of Corporate Social Responsibility ,Mining Global looks across the industry at 10 examples of CSR and the important part it plays in the success of an operation as well as the success and livelihood of the industry


exploration and mining companies operating in developing nations understand or practice CSR Through the lens of institutionaltheory, this study explored the complex pressures that shaped how six junior and mid-tier Australian listed mining and exploration companies conceptualised and implemented CSR in their challengingCorporate Social Responsibility in Resource Mining,Corporate Social Responsibility in Resource Mining Page 7 Conclusions Based on the information found on the resource mining companies’ websites, there seem to beContents,between the mining sector and the local and regional economies, corporate social responsibility, among others With this paper about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), prepared by Social Capital Group on behalf of Oxfam America, we would like to contribute in a discussion that leads to possible ways of action and learning that each actor may

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The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes of mining companies tend to focus on community initiatives as their impact in economic, social and environmental terms isCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND THE MINING,company with existing operations, the community’s continued approval is vital It is in this context of heightened scrutiny and acute environmental awareness that mining companies acknow-ledge the relevance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) As evidenced in corporate visions and annual reports, mining companies have embraced CSRSustainable CSR and Mining in South Africa | NGO Pulse,Companies are also encouraged to assist previously disadvantaged groups to take an active part in the South African economy Sustainable CSR and Mining in South Africa governance development ngos sustainability corporate social responsibilities Tuesday, 25 June, 2013 - 15:18

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CSR refers to “voluntary actions” undertaken by mining companies to either improve the living conditions (economic, social, environmental) of local communities or toCorporate Social Responsibility in the Congolese mining ,Corporate Social Responsibility in the Congolese mining companies being one of the few states that have laws very concrete in terms of corporate social responsibility but the judicial system has not the capacity, at all, to ensure its compliance 2 Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility in the Congolese mining companiesMining Companies Discover the Truth About CSR: It Pays,But the mining industry's increasing use of CSR as a means of avoiding social tensions isn't without its critics, said researchers Ralph Hamannn and Paul Kapelus


RESPONSIBILITY AND THE MINING INDUSTRY mining communities through CSR Recapturing gloryI N THE early ‘80s, there were 58 mines in the Philippines, accounting for US$12 billion in mineral export revenues In 2004, there were only 16 active mines in the country, with mineral export revenues lower than US$500 millionCorporate Social Responsibility of Mining Industries by ,The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes of mining companies tend to focus on community initiatives as their impact in economic, social and environmental terms isCorporate Social Responsibility in South Africa's Mining ,South Africa mining industry has demonstrated that the “moral high-ground once occupied by NGOs has been usurped, so to speak by the former targets of their campaigns”95 The mining companies that were once the “pariahs of capitalism” 96 are the very same companies that

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Company CSR Link Description Banro Corporation A Canadian-based gold exploration and development company with 4 wholly-owned properties, each with mining licenses, along a major gold belt of the Democratic Republic of the CongoCorporate Social Responsibility in the Ghanaian Mining ,The purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationships between corporate social responsibility, environmental policies, and community complaints, and the fiduciary responsibility of a corporation to its stakeholders, particularly within mining companies operating in GhanaCorporate Social Responsibility in Resource Mining,Corporate Social Responsibility in Resource Mining Page 7 Conclusions Based on the information found on the resource mining companies’ websites, there seem to be

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Home > Our Focus > International CSR International CSR Canadian mining companies operate in more than 100 countries around the world, making it one of the few sectors of the Canadian economy that can call itself a global leaderCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY DISCLOSURES BY,on 16 August 2012, we evaluate whether the extent of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures by South African mining companies, in total and per disclosure category, was affected by this eventCanadian Mining Companies and Corporate Social ,This study analyzes the factors that led two Canadian mining companies, Noranda and Placer Dome, to adopt polices on corporate social responsibility (CSR) Although much has been written on CSR in the business and organization fields, there has been little scholarly treatment of the topic from a social sciences perspective

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For mining companies, CSR is the manifestation of a move towards greater sustainability in the industry ie the practical implementation of the goals of sustainability CSR is a means by whichCSR, Sustainability and the Mining Business | E & MJ,Mining CSR, in the words of miningfactsorg, a Canadian website, refers to “voluntary actions undertaken by mining companies to either improve the living conditions (economic, social and environmental) of local communities or to reduce the negative effects of mining projects,